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Travertine Yellow Veincut unfilled

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  • Density: 2,57 kg/dm³
  • Geological Name: Travertine
Travertine is famous for its distinctive rustic and classic appearance and has been used as a building and decoration material since ancient times. As a matter of fact, the iconic Colosseum in Rome was built almost entirely out of travertine. With their homogenous color and clear straight veins, Turkish Travertines have long gained a prestigious trademark around the globe. Thanks to the convenient climate conditions, travertine quarries continue production all year long. Travertines are available in two different patterns depending on how the travertine blocks are sawn. The vein-cut travertines are yielded by cutting the blocks “against the vein” and show a clear parallel stratification. On the other hand, cross-cut slabs are yielded by cutting the blocks at a 90 degree angle to vein-cut and show a cloudy, more diffuse look. Due to its formation process, travertine has naturally a porous structure and contains many holes also on the surface. These holes can both be filled or left as they are depending on the user's’ desires.

Whether a stone is suitable for exterior applications depends on many factors, such as plate thickness, surface treatment and laying technique. Please contact our staff to find out whether the stone you are looking for is suitable for the desired application.

Material prices depend on the current delivery possibilities, requested quantities and current world market prices. The prices shown on this website are recommended prices and are updated regularly. For a binding calculation, please contact our sales advisors. All prices are given in € / m² excluding 19% VAT.

The tile prices are valid for the cheapest format currently available, excluding packaging, price deviations for other formats or surface finishes.

Raw slab prices apply to the purchase of the whole raw slab, excluding cutting. Custom cut sizes are individually calculated; please contact one of our sales advisors.